A new web streaming server for vFabric and WebStream is finally here

vFabriCouch, a virtual cloud software for vSphere, is now available for download from the Microsoft Windows Server Software Center.

The software is designed to simplify the development of high-availability, low-latency web servers.

The vFabrik C2 server is designed with performance in mind, offering up to 1Gbps network connection, as well as a number of advanced capabilities.

vFabrics web streaming servers support all of the popular streaming services, including VLC and Netflix, as long as you have the latest version of the Apache HTTP Server and the latest Apache Web Server.

The servers also support WebM video encoding and decoding, which are popular with video-streaming services like YouTube and Hulu.

The hardware supports up to 6GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space.

A VMWare WebSphere Edition is required to run vFabrces servers.

Windows Server 2012 R2 is required.

You can download vFabrica C2 from Microsoft’s download center.