How to get rid of the Google logo in the background

A new image browser plugin from the developer of Chrome OS, Lightweight Web Server, has added an icon to the toolbar, making the search engine a bit more prominent.

Lightweight’s website has not been updated in a while, and the new icon is still on the toolbar but not a consistent location, but it appears to have been moved over to the top.

The browser has been updated recently, and it seems like Lightweight has added a new icon in the toolbar as well, which is an obvious and welcome change for users.

The new icon replaces the old icon, which had the Google name emblazoned on it.

The icon also appears to show up in the browser’s settings menu, along with the usual search bar, the new search engine bar, and a link to add a new tab.

We’ve seen this new icon before in the Chrome OS and Ubuntu browser versions of Lightweight.

This new icon should be more consistent across all versions of the browser.

The company says it’s not yet ready to release the new version of Lightlight, but that it will do so when the time comes.

We’ll update this article if and when we hear anything more about the changes.

A new icon makes the search interface look a little more prominent in the new Chrome OS.