How to install the ICSF web server on a Raspberry Pi (and why you should)

If you want to install an HTML5 web server like this one, you’ll need a Raspberry pi, a webserver, and some web hosting.

If you don’t have a webservers handy yet, you might need to look elsewhere.

If all else fails, the Raspberry Pi has a very simple web server built in.

In fact, if you’ve got a Raspberry Pis 2 and 3, you can download a free ICSFP web server and use it to install a web server, too.

If you’re new to installing a webservice, we’ve put together this simple guide for installing ICSFF web servers.

How to install ICSFC web server You’ll need to have a Raspberry PI running Raspbian Jessie and have the following installed:  Raspian Jessie  Raspbian Linux (OS X) 7.0.0-rc4 (OSX 10.11) or higher (with Homebrew installed)