How to set up your zkTECO web server in Linux (Linux)

This article covers how to set-up a web server with a free ZKTECO domain name for your ZKTVeco web site. 

The following instructions are based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but may be applicable to other distros. 

Note: You must have a free domain name (not a paid one) and be able to contact ZKteco directly. 

I’ve used the ZKTeco web portal for several years now, and have been a huge fan of the service.

The ZKtvEco web service is an excellent choice for the people who want to get their website off the ground, but who are not ready to spend some money.

The service is simple and reliable, offering all the features of a typical free web server, but with a bit of extra.

You can use it to host a wide variety of media and media streaming sites, including blogs, wikis, and video streaming sites.

This article assumes you already have a fully functional web server installed and running, and that you have access to the internet. 

Ubuntu 14.10 is the latest release of Ubuntu, which means that this guide applies to Ubuntu 14 (Iceweasel) and 15 (Stable) releases as well as Ubuntu 16 (Jessie).

If you’re already running Ubuntu 16, then you’re ready to move onto the next part of this tutorial. 

 Install zktveco-webserver On Ubuntu 14 you can install zktekeco web server using a number of methods.

You’ll need to have sudo privileges on the Ubuntu system, so make sure you have these permissions when you install this software. 

If you’re using Ubuntu 15, you can also install ztekecos web server by using the command: sudo apt-get install zektecos-webmanager sudo apt install ztektec os-prober  The ztektec web server is available for Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 15 (Jessies), and Ubuntu 16.

This package is not installed by default on Ubuntu 15.

However, you’ll also need to install the zttekec-web-manager package. 

First, create a file named web-server.conf with the contents shown in the screenshot below. 

In the file, add the following lines: serverName = domainName = This should work on Ubuntu 16 as well. 

Next, you should create a new file named ztekteco.conf.

For Ubuntu 14 and Ubuntu 15 you can use the command sudo nano /etc/hosts to create the file. 

To set up the web server for Ubuntu 15 follow these instructions: sudo nano /home/ztektekecos/web-server/web/zktekteco.conf sudo cp ztektekecoteco_web.conf /etc sudo vi /etc /ztektektec/ztektecoc.conf