How to stop the alt-right from taking over the GOP?

Breitbart News (BIRMINGHAM, Ala.)

— — The alt-Right is growing fast, and its followers are turning to Trump.

It’s time to put that power behind the party, the Republican Party, and the country.

But first, let’s get this straight: The alt-Left is growing rapidly, and it’s a growing power because of Donald Trump.

Trump is not the problem, they say.

They are.

He is the symptom.

So, how do we stop the rise of the alt right?

How do we make America great again?

The alt Right is growing in popularity.

They’ve gained traction on social media and in forums like the /r/The_Donald subreddit.

They have a voice.

They’re a minority in the party.

But they are the majority in a majority.

They can influence the GOP because they have an opportunity.

If we ignore them and ignore our president, we will be losing a chance to make America the best place in the world to live, work, and play.

We must be the best we can be.

And we can do it by building an inclusive, forward-looking, inclusive party that represents the diverse American people and not the narrow white supremacist and nationalist agenda of the left.

The Alt-Right has a long history of taking on the Republican establishment, from the tea party to the Occupy movement.

But their growth is a sign that a new party is emerging and that we must embrace it, even if it is against our best interests.

The alt right is a movement for Americanism.

They want to put the country first.

They seek to create a more inclusive society that is based on our Judeo-Christian values.

And they are tired of the status quo.

Their ideas are the future of American politics, and they are our best hope for success in this new world order.

It is time to take on the Alt-Left, not to make the same mistake the alt left made last election season.

They voted for Trump.

They supported him.

They embraced his populism.

They made him their president.

The time is now to stop them.

To make America Great Again.

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