Microsoft and Yahoo say goodbye to web apps, but not fast enough

Microsoft and Microsoft-Yahoo announced today that they will end their Web apps business in the coming weeks, leaving the former the latest of a number of large tech companies to exit their mobile app business in recent years.

In a statement, Microsoft and the two companies said they will focus on cloud and mobile services in the future.

The announcement comes just weeks after Yahoo announced it was exiting its mobile app app business and Yahoo said it was also ending its Web app business.

Microsoft said it would continue its existing efforts to deliver new apps to the Web and to customers through the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms.

The news was announced at the annual Build conference, which Microsoft and Apple co-hosted.

The company said the announcement was made to provide additional context to Microsoft’s announcement about its plans to shut down the mobile app and cloud business, which has been a consistent focus of the company’s efforts to bring new apps and services to customers.

Microsoft is also shutting down the Xbox and Windows developer programs in 2019.

In the statement, the companies said the end of the mobile apps business will allow them to focus on more areas of growth, including Azure cloud services, Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset, and the cloud.

Microsoft’s mobile apps and cloud service business is expected to be one of the largest in the company as it continues to focus more heavily on mobile.

The move could be seen as Microsoft’s effort to return to the mobile space following the launch of the Xbox 360, and Microsoft’s move to move away from the PC in favor of cloud computing and a unified Windows 10 experience.