The best fantasy football scores of the year: Week 12 | The latest news from around the league

The NFL’s weekly fantasy football standings are out.

The standings are as follows: NFC East | NFC West | AFC North | AFC South | NFC East- NFC West- AFC North- AFC South- AFC West- NFC EastThe NFC East is still a top-five team, but it’s now the No. 2 seed.

That means it’s no longer the No-2 seed, but the No, 3 seed.

The NFC West is no longer a top three seed.

That’s great for the Cowboys, who have won seven of their past eight games and are playing the most fun fantasy football in the NFL.

The division also has a bye this week.

The Patriots have won three of their last four games.

The Patriots are the favorites in the AFC.

The Steelers are a clear favorite to win the AFC East.

The Steelers are the AFC’s best team.

The Eagles are a top six team and are one of the better defenses in the league.

The Eagles are one step closer to their first division title in eight years.

The Rams are a bottom-six team and should win the NFC West.

The Rams are the NFC’s worst team.

We have the Cowboys as the No 1 seed, the Packers as the second, the Vikings as the third, and the Chiefs as the fourth seed.

The Bills have won five of their eight games.

The Chiefs have won six of their 10.

The Jets have won eight of their 11.

The Seahawks have won nine of their 12.

The Saints have won 10 of their 13.

The Falcons have won 11 of their 14.

The Texans have won 12 of their 15.

The Redskins have won 13 of 14.

So, the Eagles have the best odds of winning the division.

The Chiefs are a solid team with a chance to win it.

The Jaguars are a sleeper.

The Vikings are a potential playoff team.

The Browns are a wild card team.

And the Steelers are not a sleeper team.

They’re a solid, strong team with plenty of upside.

We’ll continue to update this story throughout the week.