The Web Server of the Future: A GCP H4-powered Web Server

Microsoft announced a new version of its GCP web server called H4, and today the company has revealed that it’s available to download for free.

The H4 release comes with the same support for cloud-hosted servers as its predecessor, but it also has a few tweaks to make it even more convenient for developers to use.

The biggest is the fact that the new H4 will support the H5 and H6 server platforms, making it easier to use in the cloud.

The company also said that it was going to provide a preview of H5 in the coming weeks.

It’ll be interesting to see how this new server compares to the older H4.

The new H5 release also includes a new configuration option that allows you to configure the server to run only a specific set of applications, which makes it more convenient to use with a web browser.

The software was initially released in July of last year, but has been delayed by several months.

Microsoft hasn’t released any pricing information about the new server, but a GCP developer preview for H4 was available earlier this year.

This is the first time that we’ve seen an open source product of this sort available to the public.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any news on pricing and availability.