UK ISP internet service provider Netbsd announces new IPTV server, RNAALIFOLD web server to launch

NETBSD internet service providers have announced a new IP television server, called RNAALTWEB SERVER, for its network.

The new RNAALLWEB server is the successor to the RNAANG web server and the RANAPLUS web server launched in 2015.

The RNAAG web server is based on the RANN web server.

The RNAAT web server was also launched in 2014.

The first of the new RNASELWEB servers will be rolled out to customers in the UK on January 31.

The company said in a statement that customers should expect speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps) and the ability to watch more than 2.5 hours of HD content.

“The RNASELSWEB Server is designed to meet the demands of customers seeking a more reliable and consistent internet connection.

It will be available to download as a cloud service to all our customers in a phased rollout.”

The RANASWEB web server will be launched in the US on March 31.